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You Can Never Have TOO Many Sandals…

22 Jun

…especially when they are are fabulously on sale! Today only, get your Dolce Vita, Corso Como and BFT sandals for 25% off! But  see another brand you like? Great, because Barefoot Tess’ summer sale allows you to take 25% off all sandals with no exclusions.  Use code:  SAND25.


And if you’re as big a Barefoot Tess fan as I am, be sure to cast your vote for them in a Baltimore-area #SocialMadness competition.  Vote now to get them through to the next round (they’re in the ‘Large’ business category), and then be sure to come back on the 25th and keep giving them your kudos. Vote here:  http://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/socialmadness.

Have a lovely start to summer, my vertically-inclined dears, and happy sandal shopping!


Rockin’ Barefoot Tess’ Ella-Ella-Ella-Eh-Eh-Eh…

11 Mar

If it’s not clear yet—I adore ankle booties. With denim; with dresses; even with fierce pencil skirts and prim lacy tees—and year-round, too! I’ve tried the hidden wedge 80%/20 western-inspired Clyde ankle boot from Barefoot Tess (and loved it) for casual/weekend wear, but hadn’t come across a more elegant, elevated ankle bootie until….the Barefoot Tess Ella. Hey, Barefoot Tess may as well be my Footwear Fairy Godmother!

The TESS by Barefoot Tess ankle boot, c/o BFT

The TESS by Barefoot Tess ankle boot, c/o BFT

Barefoot Tess is my go-to resource for stylish, on-trend shoes in sizes 11-15. With the most comprehensive selection of designer-exclusive shoes from  favorites including Jeffrey Campbell, 80%/20, All Black, and Corso Como AND the fabulous in-house brand TESS, the BFT site is full of shoe-candy that ensures that we tall, larger-footed ladies don’t have to sacrifice style to get comfortable, versatile, made-for-us fits. Particularly, the Barefoot Tess brand offers classic, elegant, European-quality designs—each style in the house line has been meticulously crafted and fit-tested for that that Cinder’ella’ fit. The Ella bootie is certainly worthy of any modern girl in search of her own fairytale!

In sumptuous black and tan suede colorways with a curved vamp and 3″  stacked wood heel, the Ella is as classy and leg-flattering as an ankle boot can possibly get. I have the Ella in the sand suede—ensuring that I will get wear well into the spring and summer months—but I can only imagine that the black is equally magical. I should add that despite the not-insignificant heel, the Ella is incredibly, remarkably comfy. We’re talking wear-it-for-a-day-on-your-feet comfy or hoof-it-into-work-on-unforgiving-city-streets comfy. And at the current sale price of $89.99, this boot is a versatile, affordable, high-quality  ‘must-have’ for any tall girl’s closet. I’m pairing my Ella bootie with vibrant sheaths, tailored work trousers, and of course–jeans and nubby sweaters. And I recently donned this posh little shoe with a boyfriend blazer, silk minidress, and black tights for a photoshoot to promote Stilista, the Boston styling-agency I work for on weekends.

Check out those TESS by BFT Ella booties! Photo courtesy of Rita Rose Photography

Check out those c/o TESS by BFT Ella booties! Photo courtesy of Rita Rose Photography

And would you believe that the wonderful shoot photographer, Rita Rose, advised me to “change up my leg poses, to show off those AMAZINGLY cute shoes”?! She totally did. Try them, and you’ll be looking for ways to show off their amazing cuteness too, I’m sure!

Are you trying out ankle boots for the first time? Flummoxed as to more styling options for Barefoot Tess boots and ankle booties? Be sure to comment or email me, and I’d be happy to advise as to any shoe-centric styling conundrums. And thanks for all the bibbity-bobbity-boo on my shoedrobe, Barefoot Tess!


Love That (Tall) Body You’re In!

20 Feb

*This blog will be appearing exclusively in Statuesque Magazine. Though it was intended to run on Valentine’s Day, it is just as true a week later…

“To  love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”-Oscar Wilde

Whether you adore or despise Valentine’s Day (I fall somewhere in the middle), February 14th is a great occasion to think about loving…yourself.  Tall women are revered worldwide as being some of the world’s most stunning specimens…and yet, I meet far too many gorgeous vertically-inclined ladies who are unrelentingly harsh with themselves and prone to critique the undeniable physical qualities that make them so unique. At the risk of sounding hypocritical—I am guilty of the same type of body criticism. I not-infrequently misconstrue my height as being a detriment to my femininity instead an asset, and thus wage a war on my self-esteem that can never be won…

So this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to focus on what you love about your stunning physical presence. Whether it’s your mile-long legs, your elegant arms, or your athletic shoulders (or all of the above), try to focus on at least one aspect that makes you feel positive about your height; makes you feel beautiful; makes you love yourself.  And if you still are having trouble recognizing your own beauty—it doesn’t hurt to consider that men and women alike already perceive you as being more intelligent, capable, and successful just because of your physical gift!

A sweet boy-meets-girl tall ensemble for a night out!

A sweet boy-meets-girl tall ensemble for a night out!

And as a little gift to you, I’ve put together two stunning ensembles practically guaranteed to make you love that tall body you’ve got—especially as all the contained separates are available in tall sizes and extra long lengths. Much love to all you lovely, inspiring tall ladies, and be sure to check The HEIGHT of Style at www.heightofstyleblog.com for more tips, style advice, and product reviews for vertically-inclined fashionistas.

An edgy-chic tall outfit for drinks, bites, and beyond!

An edgy-chic tall outfit for drinks, bites, and beyond!


Lady Mary Would Likely Wear(-y) Barefoot Tess!

12 Feb

Let’s talk two of my favorite things: Downton Abbey and Barefoot Tess. As an unabashed anglophile, former Victorian & Edwardian literature student, and 1920s style aficionado, my Downton obsession is arguably as natural and expected as my next breath (and as you might guess, as an eldest daughter myself—I am team Lady Mary…) About as precedented is my love for Barefoot Tess’ variety of fashion-forward designer exclusive shoes in sizes that fit me (and all my lovely tall readers) splendidly. So when I came across the new Jeffrey Campbell for BFT ‘Edna’ wedge sandal ($129), these otherwise disparate loves came together in happy, happy union…

Adorbs, is Edna not?!

Adorbs, is Edna not?!

Barefoot Tess carries the largest selection (literally and figuratively) of Jeffrey Campbell’s fashion-forward, inspired designs. Campbell is the mastermind behind the “Where HAVEN’T you seen it?” Lita bootie (available from BFT too) as well as purveyor of exactly the kind of  distinctly feminine, vintage-feel, comfortable heels that I recommend every tall lady have in her shoe wardrobe. The Edna looks straight-out of a 1920s shop window with its charming peep toe, teardrop cutouts, and mary-janeesque ankle strap. I immediately fell in love with the unusual dusty green leather colorway for spring and beyond (…and I say ‘beyond’ as these wedges are well-cushioned and versatile enough to wear every day!)—and then it occurred to me that the ‘Edna’ is exactly the kind of shoe that Lady Mary would fall for too. Perhaps to pair with a dropwaist, spangled dinner dress?


The Barefoot Tess/Jeffrey Campbell ‘Edna’ wedge sandal in perforated green leather…

Since I don’t have a dropwaist, spangled dinner dress lying around, I channeled all my haughtiness and imperiousness to style the gorgeous Edna as a present-day homage to Lady Mary (and all you Downton-loving, leggy lasses). I love wedges with dresses and an updo for an easy, sweet, warmer-weather-please-come-soon look, but I think the Edna would look equally fabulous with skinny jeans and a striped tee…or even a wedding dress (post to come, but don’t tell my Mr. Crawley yet…)!

My ‘modern’ take on Lady Mary’s style. Dress: Anthropologie, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Edna’ Wedge Sandal, courtesy of Barefoot Tess

My ‘modern’ take on Lady Mary’s style. Dress: Anthropologie, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Edna’ Wedge Sandal, courtesy of Barefoot Tess

A note about sizing on BFT’s Edna: I sized up in this shoe, as I find that wedges tend to push my foot forward. I’d recommend sizing up.

Have any questions? Want a recommendation on which colorway works for you when selecting the right ‘Edna’ for your wardrobe? Send me a message or comment below!


The Height of Style by Decade: 1900-1910

26 Oct

As part of my newest conception for a blog series, I decided to cover the 20th century in fashion. While I love the diversity of today’s fashion landscape and its nod to globalism, fashion in the past decades truly represented the alignment of societal movements with standards of dress. In this series, I’ll cover a bit of history, a bit of  fashion trivia, and a lot of tips and links for dressing for now with a real sense of then.

So without further ado, let’s kick things off with the dawn of the 20th century—1900-1910. Commonly referred to as “La Belle Epoque” (or Beautiful Age), this was an era full of idealism and luxury—for those who could afford it. With Paris the epicenter of culture, and the invention of flight and motorcars sweeping this side of the Atlantic, wealthy Americans were on the go, and borrowing their style cues from decadent, ostentatious European times past—corsets, bustles, dramatic sleeves, pompadours and elaborate sweeping hems were de rigeur, despite their anachronism and foreign vocabulary! Practically speaking, this era saw the birth of the long, skirted traveling suit (for avoiding dust when traveling via auto); the shirtwaist blouse; a nice variation in necklines (from high and lacy to low and sweetheart); and Charles Dana Gibson’s “Gibson Girl”—the epitomization of  the new, emancipated (and beautiful) woman of the early 20th century.

Gibson Girls

Although many of the styles of this decade would look costumey if replicated accurately, the longer, sweeping hems, narrow shoes and booties, fitted blazers and ladylike blouses could be worked in—piece by piece—to the modern wardrobe as they are STILL fabulously fashionable. And if anyone is to pull off a voluminous pompadour or bun and make it look unquestionably ‘of the moment’, it’s a statuesque lass! When going for a 1900-1910-inspired look, think voluminous, think luxurious, think ladylike, and think no-holds-barred!

For item links, please see below

1) Barefoot Tess Bradford Bootie, $99

2) Jeffrey Campbell Ingles Bootie, $179

3) Banana Republic Tall Silk Swiss Dot Blouse, $69.50

4) Long Tall Sally Full Check Skirt, $95

5) J. Crew Tall Velvet Schoolboy Blazer, $168

6) Long Tall Sally Suedette Skirt, $69

7) New Look Tall Embellished Sheer Blouse













I heart you, Miz Mooz shoes!

20 Apr

All spring, I had been searching high and low (mostly low, because I like an under 3″ heel) for the perfect clog sandal to pair with my  sundresses, shorts, and skinny jeans. But alas, finding the perfect low-heel clog sandal in a size 12 is so much harder than it seems…the options either seem geriatric or too Herman Munster. My desperation hit an echoing low when I heard that Swedish Hasbeens was releasing a diffusion line for H&M…and only going up to a size 10. So are all those tall Europeans teetering around on size 10 peds? It can’t be!

When I just about gave up, I got my daily email candy from Barefoot Tess. Oh, BFT. You must have heard me cursing the shoe gods all the way up in Boston. The email featured the gorgeous, brand-new-and-up-to-size-14 ‘Renee’ clog by the inimitable Miz Mooz (one of the mid-range brands I frequently salivate over, in addition to Farylrobin and Delman). Until BFT got them in stock, the whimsical, colorful, vintage-inspired Miz Mooz designs were inaccessible, only running up to a (small) 11, thwarting me (and other stylish, tall, large-footed lasses) every time. But all that changed with Renee.

Glorious, aren't they? Available in black, red, tan, and sand

My sweet boyfriend knew how much I wanted—needed—these sandals, so was sweet enough to snap me up a pair in red—the quality of the leather and wood bottom is impeccable, and they even have a bit of cushioning to make them even easier to walk in. At $120, they’re a bit over what I’d usually spend on a pair of shoes, but they are too too cute, and will be well worth it! Be forewarned, though—they run (like most Miz Mooz shoes) about 1/2-1 size small. Another win for BFT!


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