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Love That (Tall) Body You’re In!

20 Feb

*This blog will be appearing exclusively in Statuesque Magazine. Though it was intended to run on Valentine’s Day, it is just as true a week later…

“To  love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”-Oscar Wilde

Whether you adore or despise Valentine’s Day (I fall somewhere in the middle), February 14th is a great occasion to think about loving…yourself.  Tall women are revered worldwide as being some of the world’s most stunning specimens…and yet, I meet far too many gorgeous vertically-inclined ladies who are unrelentingly harsh with themselves and prone to critique the undeniable physical qualities that make them so unique. At the risk of sounding hypocritical—I am guilty of the same type of body criticism. I not-infrequently misconstrue my height as being a detriment to my femininity instead an asset, and thus wage a war on my self-esteem that can never be won…

So this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to focus on what you love about your stunning physical presence. Whether it’s your mile-long legs, your elegant arms, or your athletic shoulders (or all of the above), try to focus on at least one aspect that makes you feel positive about your height; makes you feel beautiful; makes you love yourself.  And if you still are having trouble recognizing your own beauty—it doesn’t hurt to consider that men and women alike already perceive you as being more intelligent, capable, and successful just because of your physical gift!

A sweet boy-meets-girl tall ensemble for a night out!

A sweet boy-meets-girl tall ensemble for a night out!

And as a little gift to you, I’ve put together two stunning ensembles practically guaranteed to make you love that tall body you’ve got—especially as all the contained separates are available in tall sizes and extra long lengths. Much love to all you lovely, inspiring tall ladies, and be sure to check The HEIGHT of Style at www.heightofstyleblog.com for more tips, style advice, and product reviews for vertically-inclined fashionistas.

An edgy-chic tall outfit for drinks, bites, and beyond!

An edgy-chic tall outfit for drinks, bites, and beyond!


The Height of Style In…Height Goddess Jeans

6 Jul

Here at The Height of Style and in my own styling work, I gravitate toward wardrobe staples—whether they come in the form of tailored blazers, leather jackets, perfectly-fitted LBDs, or great jeans. The last category is a particular sore spot for many tall women—mainstream department stores rarely offer any cut with an inseam longer than 32″ , and designer denim only occasionally works (it’s not so much an inseam issue here as it is a rise issue), with dedicated hunting and shelling out of $150+.

And I’m very particular about my denim. I prefer a straight leg or skinny/peg leg with a mid or high-rise. A tall order (pun intended) indeed, considering that a 36″-38″ skinny or straight leg has to accommodate both my cyclist’s thighs (big) and my dancer’s ankles (small)—and a “mid”-rise is, on me, about 10″—a “high rise” by any other standards. Enter Height Goddess’ straight legged Taylor (on sale now!) in a 37″ inseam, and my tall order is fulfilled.

Top: Vintage silk camisole; Jeans: Height Goddess 'Taylor' Straight Leg; Shoes: Sam Edelman Wedges

Height Goddess denim is designed with tall women in mind—and the shapes of their premium denim styles are flattering to a variety of body types (my curvy frame included). I love the Height Goddess washes, thick, quality weave, and subtlety of the cuts—these jeans won’t ever become “dated”—and the fact that the HG rises all fall above my hips, below my bellybutton (truly mid-rises for talls!) and are flattering without being constricting. Add to this fabulous mix that HG pants and denim come in long (34″-35″), longer (36″-37″), and longest (38″-39″) inseams, and you’ve got yourself a panacea for all your denim woes.  I styled the Taylor straight leg simply with a silk camisole I picked up at a vintage shop and some Sam Edelman wedges, but these lovely jeans have taken me to work with a tweed blazer and out on the town with a romantic, ruffled top.

Check out Height Goddess’ fabulous selection, read HG Designer Lameka Weeks’ Q&A and feel free to email me with any questions about the fit of Height Goddess styles or recommendations for your tall, beautiful frame!

Q&A: Lameka Weeks of HEIGHT GODDESS

6 Jun

Meet Lameka Weeks, the smart, savvy, and gorgeous woman behind HEIGHT  GODDESS—the tall women’s go-to resource for impeccably stylish basics. HEIGHT GODDESS has been in the works for well over a decade, and Lameka is dedicated to creating American-made clothing with a standard of quality that rivals that of high-end department store lines. She is an advocate for tall women in the fashion and retail industry and an inspiration to us all—the epitome of being a truly divine ‘height goddess’ herself!

The stunning Lameka Weeks of HEIGHT GODDESS

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background—where you grew up, where you went to college/what you studied, where you work, some hobbies/interests…

I grew up in Alabama, but have been in Dallas for about 10 years now and love it! I attended Auburn Montgomery University in Alabama, where I played basketball (on a basketball scholarship). Before starting HEIGHT GODDESS, I worked in corporate sales for companies like Black & Decker, Johnson & Johnson and Michelin. But since high school, I’ve dreamed of starting a tall women’s clothing business.

Q: The million dollar question: How tall are you, and have you always been tall?

I’m 6’1”, and was usually the tallest in the class! I’m not sure I realized how tall I was until about 2 years ago! My height has never been uncomfortable for me or anything other than a characteristic I feel confident and love about myself. My family always embraced height, and my parents are tall as well—my mom is 5’10”, my dad is 6’5”—even my cousins are 6’4” and 6’5”.  I’ve always been involved in sports, which is a great outlet—socially especially.

Q: What inspired you to start Height Goddess? 

It was a combination of factors, but really, I started HEIGHT GODDESS to create the kind of boutique-quality, beautiful garments I’d wear myself. I’m not tall and super thin—I am tall and curvy. In the clothing industry, there have been very few flattering and stylish options for tall and curvy women available off the rack—and when you factor in that many tall women like me LOVE to wear heels, a 36” inseam just isn’t long enough! That’s why I offer my denim and pants in sizes 4-20, with three different inseams per denim style (ranging from 35”-40”).

I also started HEIGHT GODDESS to offer tall women options beyond men’s clothing! Throughout high school and college, I would go into my dad’s closet to borrow jeans and white button-downs because I simply couldn’t find sleeves long enough or inseams long enough otherwise. And before I started HEIGHT GODDESS, I’d visit premium denim boutiques only to be pushed towards the men’s jean section. When I first moved to Dallas, I visited Jean Connection and was fitted with men’s jeans. I realized there had to be some alternative. Five years later, I returned to Jean Connection with HEIGHT GODDESS denim—sometimes when the option isn’t there to begin with, you have to make it yourself!

Q: Tell us more about what you offer tall women at HEIGHT GODDESS…

I offer tall women what they want and, more important, need—I really listen to the feedback and suggestions of my customers. The tall market is very much a niche market—and I’m careful to offer a product that is timeless while still being on-trend, and choose to focus on quality and fit in my designs.

Q: What are your plans for HEIGHT GODDESS? Will you be extending the line; opening a retail store; or hosting pop-up shops?

Starting any business is a slow process—especially with a small team—and requires really solid marketing strategy— at every opportunity I spread the word about HEIGHT GODDESS whether talking to tall women while I’m out and about or in Starbucks having a meeting.

Right now, I’m focusing on selling perfection in the wardrobe staples—making jeans and dress pants that fulfill tall women’s fit and style needs really well. I’ve also introduced a romper and a maxi dress this summer that are absolutely gorgeous and very comfortable—as well as a boot cut and skinny jean in a bright white. I certainly plan to expand the HEIGHT GODDESS line, and want to continue to build it to be the go-to option for tall women in the United States and Internationally.

I probably won’t open a retail store in the very near future, but there are a few boutiques in Texas and California carrying HEIGHT GODDESS (see the list here), and I’m on the lookout for boutiques all across the country that are interested in HG. I’ve hosted trunk shows, and love the idea of pop-up shops.

Q: What are some tall websites that you visit?

From the beginning, Tallwomen.org has offered a home base for tall women and tall women’s clothing and accessories. Also, Tall Clothing Mall has a great listing of comprehensive tall women’s clothing sites.  There are several other great sites out there like your site providing tall women useful information.

Q: What are some “style staples” for you? How would you classify your own style?

I stick to the basics and classics in tailored shapes and cuts—I would definitely say I gravitate towards more elegant looks, and add color and interest with really cute shoes and great jewelry and accessories!

Q: What piece of style advice would you give tall women?

Have the basics in your wardrobe—build around them—and don’t settle for something that doesn’t fit well! Be open to taking time to find the right fit for you, and support the tall women’s clothing lines and designers that are out there.

Thank you so much, Lameka! Be sure to visit HEIGHT GODDESS for all those wardrobe staples, and be sure to complete the HG survey and participate in the ‘Be The Buyer’ program to help the HG team make all the pieces you tall lovelies want and need.

Height Goddess: Premium Denim for Tall Women

16 May

Maybe you tall ladies can relate to this scenario that has become all-too-familiar to me—you spot the perfect Rock and Republic skinny jean on the TJ Maxx designer clearance rack; you high-tail it into the fitting room; squeeze your legs into those narrow denim swaths; shimmy the jean over half your hips. As you stare into the mirror, you find yourself ready to make excuses for the obscenely-low rise and inevitable muffin top (“but I can wear long shirts!”) and the fact that the skinny leg that brushed the TJ Maxx floor barely skims the top of your ankle (“I can wear these tucked into boots!”). Even as you are checking out at the register, a litany of excuses runs through your mind (“But they’re designer!” “Surely $80 isn’t too bad!” “I can always return them!”). Once you get them home, they immediately get shoved into your closet—tags and all—a relic to sell on eBay for much less than you paid once the regret sets in.

Sound familiar?

Height Goddess denim: The Dakota boot cut (l); The Heather skinny (m); the Victoria trouser (r)

Historically, there has been a significant lack of options for high-quality denim for tall women who want an alternative to off-the-rack designer denim made for a much shorter, condensed-torso fit model. A well-fitting pair of jeans is universally versatile, and looks absolutely SMASHING with a silky top for evening or a blazer and button-up for work. Lameka Weeks’ Height Goddess line is the answer. Weeks created this capsule line precisely for tall women who wanted a fashionable, high-quality alternative to ill-fitting regular women’s and men’s clothing. Height Goddess offers dresses, rompers, and lovely work pants, but I was especially taken by the denim line. Height Goddess offers three classic shapes—the skinny, boot cut, and trouser jean—executed marvelously with flattering dark washes (so sleek!), comfortable mid-rises, and either a 36″, 38″ or 40″ inseam. As a stylist, I particularly recommend the Dakota in Indigo…a dark wash bootcut will be refreshing and on-trend forever…and, most important, looks great on a variety of tall shapes. Most styles run in the $130-$150—super reasonable for jeans that will take you anywhere and fit like they’re made for you…because they are!


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