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The Fanciest Pants for the Colder Months c/o Long Tall Sally

18 Nov

If 2012 was the year of the peplum, then 2013 is the year of the cigarette (peg, ankle, slim-cut) pant—it has been the ubiquitous shape sent down the runways by designers ranging from Stella McCartney to Caroline Herrera to Michael Kors. The silhouette is elegantly tailored, streamlined, and ever-so-slightly, ever-so-chicly cropped—and these darker, colder months have brought with them even more luxurious fabrications, from brocades to velvets to jacquards to flocked denims (and who doesn’t love a little more luxury?). I’ve used the heyday of this iconic cut to my stylistic advantage—disguising what should be an ankle-hovering style as a mid-calfer, time and time again, off-the-rack-pant after off-the-rack-pant. And it has worked. All year. Well, actually, it only really worked until about three weeks ago. When the first 30 degree day rolled in, my ankles—and calves—were left tinglingly, wretchedly numb. My jacquard crops felt paper-thin. And I was ungraciously reminded why we leggy ladies should never leave the bulk of our wardrobes to size ends or 32″ inseamed styles…especially when fall and winter roll around.

Loving Long Tall Sally's Jacquard Pull-On Skinny for the season...

Long Tall Sally’s Jacquard Pull-On Skinny to the rescue for fall and winter…

This year, the designers at Long Tall Sally have deftly anticipated—and translated—the top off-the-runway trends with particular elegance. LTS’ fall/winter collections are some of the most festive I’ve seen in years—full of ladylike lace dresses and blouses; beaded and embellished sweaters, dresses, and jackets; tapestry and faux-fur bedecked wool coats fit for evenings out or even wearing to work. And their takes on the cigarette pant are adapted perfectly for the tall frame—several of the styles are so good, they’re worth acquiring in multiples!

Long Tall Sally's Jacquard Pull-On Skinny ($65)

Long Tall Sally’s Jacquard Pull-On Skinny ($65)

Case in point is the Jacquard Pull-On Skinny. At a very reasonable $65,  this cigarette pant is somewhere between a legging and a trouser—more substantial than the former, and far more forgiving than the latter. The fabric itself is flexible and stretchy, with a slight sheen and a subtle black-on-black geometric pattern. And the shape is perfectslim, but not restrictive. Lower-rise, but not revealing. Flat fronted and smoothing, but with no fussy flies, buttons, or pockets to break up the lines. And, with the 37″ inseam—long enough to cover calves and brush over ankles.

In a velvet sequined tee, the Jacquard Pull-On Skinny, and my Cairns heels...

In a velvet sequined tee, Long Tall Sally’s Jacquard Pull-On Skinny ($65), and my Cairns heels…

The only drawback? The single black fabric option (flattering as it is). With a cut this perfect, just imagine the seasonal possibilities— deep navy and peacock-and-gold jacquards for winter; apricot and baby blue jacquards for spring; poppy red and white for summer. Long Tall Sally kindly sent me one pair—less than a week later, I was buying my second. The Jacquard Pull-On Skinny is a must have for work and evening—imagine it paired with the smart Lace Collar Sweater ($85) in burgundy and the Red Carpet by Aerosoles ($109) in black suede for an office-ready look, or with the Embellished Woven Jacket ($125) and the teal Wessex Wyvern by Indigo ($129) for an evening out. I paired mine with a velvet sequin tee, a satin-trimmed boyfriend blazer, and the Cairns low-heel from Upper Street x Nicole Smallwood…and I felt ready (insouciantly so) for any holiday cocktail party…

Long Tall Sally's Baroque Flocked Jeans ($99)

Long Tall Sally’s Baroque Flocked Jeans ($99)

Another phenomenal cigarette ‘pant’ is the Baroque Flocked Jean ($99)—a slim leg with a raised velvet ornate filigree. More forgiving than a skinny with slightly more room at the ankle, a generous 10.5″ rise and a 36″ inseam, this style is perfectly modern while being classic enough to transcend the more youthful (i.e. revealing) cuts that so readily come and go. For fall and winter, a notable bonus is the thickness of the denim weave—this pant is plenty warm for weathering any storm.

Long Tall Sally's Baroque Flocked Jean ($99) with chambray top, statement necklace, and black ankle boots...

Styled in the Long Tall Sally catalog with studded ankle boots and a jacquard blazer, I paired this sumptuous bottom (c/o Long Tall Sally) with a chambray oxford, statement necklace, and black glitter heel ankle boots for a warmer fall day. And I love the notion of mixing this glam-rock, elevated bottom with more casual pieces—like the Short Sleeve Satin Trim Scoop Neck Top ($35) in white, the incredible Leather Biker Jacker ($349) in wine, and the Parkers by DV ($129) ankle boot for a weekend ensemble that’s stylish and custom-fitted…or with the Long Sleeve Jersey and Mesh Top ($49)Sasha by Ros Hommerson ($129), and Boyfriend Jacket with PU Trim ($115) for a chic going-out look. Should you prefer a lower rise and arresting shade, the Leopard Flocked Skinny Jean ($99) in burgundy is quite a find, too. Thanks, Long Tall Sally, for a smokin’ fall/winter 2013 collection with many a cigarette pant in tow…and thanks too for the toasty ankles.


Long Tall Sally Holiday Collection 2013: Hurry Christmas, Hurry Fast…

5 Nov

(You may want a train that loops the loop—but I just want some LTS loot! )

Though I can hardly stand the wait (and certainly can’t stand not quoting Alvin and The Chipmunks holiday tunes come November)—I think Santa  is probably well aware  (by now) of my desired sartorial pal-late. Oops, and I think I may have surpassed my rhyming quota for the year…

When November rushes in on the heels of October, to the sound of crunching leaves and the smell of woodsmoke—the magic of the season to come seems to suddenly waft in on the icy breeze, as though to enliven the stark gray skies and  infuse a sense of anticipation into the premature dusks. Our first cold snap in Boston came this morning, as the thermometer hovered…and stuck…right around freezing all day. Though I could barely feel my nose and fingertips on my stroll into work today, my mind wandered…to imagine invitations to the most elegant holiday parties arriving by the dozens in my shabby mailbox,  sealed with monogrammed foil stickers and addressed to me in incomparably beautiful scripts. I imagined being invited to exclusive fetes in vast ballrooms bedecked in boxwood garlands and mercury glass orbs—to intimate gatherings in smoky lounges to the tunes of Bing Crosby, Perry Como, and clinking champagne glasses—and luxe weekend minibreaks  at cozy chalets with massive roaring fireplaces, and  very handsome waiters serving buttered rum in generous, cinnamon sugar-rimmed double old-fashioneds. But even the best fantasies stale like the extended honk of a Boston taxi driver when you have nothing to wear…

The perfect sequined tunic dress ($249)...

The perfect sequined tunic dress ($249)…

The lace and sequin wrap dress ($225) and cut faux-fur coat ($299)...

The lace and sequin wrap dress ($225) and cut faux-fur coat ($299)…

The embellished woven jacket ($125)...

The embellished woven jacket ($125)…

Fortunately, this season, leggy lovelies, you and I have so many things to wear to every party we could possibly attend—real or imagined. The designers at Long Tall Sally have dreamed up a holiday collection so luxurious and sumptuous, I could have been convinced that it was Vera Wang’s RTW collection for winter. Replete with an ornately-beaded fit and flare dress in black; a buffered bronze lace-and-sequin wrap dress; a sleek faux fur coat with generous sleeves and a slim silhouette;  a perfectly-embellished woven jacket, and even a lace panel black jumpsuit (!!!), these pieces are the stuff holiday parties are made by. Though I have a very modest holiday calendar, I can imagine donning the faux fur coat atop LTS’ leopard flocked skinny jean ($99) and colorblocked sequined sweater ($99), with Sam Edelman’s black suede Morillo ankle bootie ($145) on my feet for a cozy Christmastime outing  with friends—or perhaps that lovely bronze lace and sequin wrap dress with the premium animal ponyhair pump ($145),  topped by the stab stitch crepe jacket ($159) for a look that goes from work party to festive drinks, dinner, and dancing with that special fellow (or best ladies) in your life. But who could forget that stunningly singular, 20s-inspired sequined tunic dress ($249)—for the get-together in a smoky lounge with clinking champagne glasses; the elegant eve in a ballroom strung with twinkling  glass orbs and greenery; or that surprise holiday date out on the town to see the biggest Christmas tree for miles  being lit with thousands of tiny twinkle lights?! I couldn’t, and you shouldn’t, dear readers—it would be nothing short of magical on an elongated frame…

So be sure to get all your gorgeous party pieces from Long Tall Sally, and  check back in soon for my favorite pants, knits, coats, and boots of the season, all available from LTS for your Christmas lists. Plus—a little elf told me that Santa may be stopping by The HEIGHT of Style soon with a holiday shoe giveaway for two lucky tall ladies, so make your list, and check here twice!


Love That (Tall) Body You’re In!

20 Feb

*This blog will be appearing exclusively in Statuesque Magazine. Though it was intended to run on Valentine’s Day, it is just as true a week later…

“To  love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”-Oscar Wilde

Whether you adore or despise Valentine’s Day (I fall somewhere in the middle), February 14th is a great occasion to think about loving…yourself.  Tall women are revered worldwide as being some of the world’s most stunning specimens…and yet, I meet far too many gorgeous vertically-inclined ladies who are unrelentingly harsh with themselves and prone to critique the undeniable physical qualities that make them so unique. At the risk of sounding hypocritical—I am guilty of the same type of body criticism. I not-infrequently misconstrue my height as being a detriment to my femininity instead an asset, and thus wage a war on my self-esteem that can never be won…

So this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to focus on what you love about your stunning physical presence. Whether it’s your mile-long legs, your elegant arms, or your athletic shoulders (or all of the above), try to focus on at least one aspect that makes you feel positive about your height; makes you feel beautiful; makes you love yourself.  And if you still are having trouble recognizing your own beauty—it doesn’t hurt to consider that men and women alike already perceive you as being more intelligent, capable, and successful just because of your physical gift!

A sweet boy-meets-girl tall ensemble for a night out!

A sweet boy-meets-girl tall ensemble for a night out!

And as a little gift to you, I’ve put together two stunning ensembles practically guaranteed to make you love that tall body you’ve got—especially as all the contained separates are available in tall sizes and extra long lengths. Much love to all you lovely, inspiring tall ladies, and be sure to check The HEIGHT of Style at www.heightofstyleblog.com for more tips, style advice, and product reviews for vertically-inclined fashionistas.

An edgy-chic tall outfit for drinks, bites, and beyond!

An edgy-chic tall outfit for drinks, bites, and beyond!


Merry Christmas to T(all)! And to Tall a Great Wishlist!

14 Dec

I love the holiday season. The lights, the parties, the music, the cookies…and, of course, the giving of gifts to those loved. As anyone will tell you, I adore giving gifts and can spend days planning the perfect gift. I consider every year an opportunity to do better—an opportunity to show those close to me even a fraction of how much they mean to me (if you hadn’t guessed, I’m a show-er, not a teller). But—honestly—I also delight in receiving. This is the time (thank goodness it only comes once a year!) that I feel less guilty for wanting completely whimsical, pretty, and often utterly impractical things under a cute little tree. In truth, I have never *really* let go of the greedy excitable child within…and there’s always a bit of magic in waking up on Christmas morning to find nattily-wrapped presents under a glittering tree. I love you, Santa (I mean…Mike, my incredibly generous fiancé)!

So without further ado—here’s my wishlist of all things pretty that I’d like to find under the tree. Hint to all ‘Santas’ out there: All of these clothing items are GREAT if you have a tall lady in your life…but be sure to send me an email if you need a little extra help in shopping for that leggy elflette in your life. I am happy to help out with more ideas!


1. The Land’s End Tall Luxe Scoopneck Coat: I love coats of all shapes, sizes, and fabrications. But even with a veritable wardrobe of coats for all seasons (hey, it’s New England!), I have NARY a black wool coat! This year, Santa wanted to get me a classic black coat that would stand the test of time—and I picked out the Land’s End Tall Luxe Scoopneck Coat. In a cashmere blend with on-trend, military-inspired epaulets, leather buttons, and a sweet scoopneck, this coat ticks off the boxes for stylish, high-quality, budget friendly (with the current 30% off, it’s now under $100 down from $289!), AND tall-of-all-sizes-friendly (from 4-16T). It also comes in red, yellow, green, and camel colorways. THE best tall, classic winter coat for all elflettes.

2. Madewell’s Belted Silk Dress in Dashdot: Getting dressed up for holiday occasions is a fine art—don’t we all want to look festive yet comfortable (allowing for lots of noshing)? Enter this Madewell dress. Although it is unlined, the silk fabrication and pattern is thoroughly gorgeous, and the tie-waist means a flattering, customized, yet unrestricted fit. While it hits mid-thigh on us tall ladies, it is flatteringly-short and a great companion to black tights and heels. I plan on wearing it year-round, too!

3. Long Tall Sally’s Pindot PJ Set: I’ll be honest—I spend 90% of the time when I am not in work clothes in pajamas. Red plaid flannel pajamas. Completely unsexy, unpolished, and absolutely slovenly heavenly! I love flannels (am always cold), so I would love to find this pajama set under the tree. Bonus: these PJs are far cuter and more feminine than my red plaid flannels, and would also offer necessary winter limb coverage. In teal and purple.

4. Love Knot Earrings in Rose Gold Vermeil: I wear lots of post earrings, and prefer them for professional occasions. I also prefer rose gold. These classic love knots are slightly oversized, completely chic, and would go with any single outfit I’d wear (including red flannel pajamas)…and I simply cannot get over their price. It’s $24.50! An unreal stocking stuffer from Ross-Simons!

5. J. Crew’s Copley Saddlebag: This little bag (and it is little) packs a lot of punch for its size. With multiple pockets, a removable crossbody strap, and unexpected colorways (wisteria! neon persimmon!), this petite number would be perfect for work, play, a party, a snowball fight, or any other hands-free occasion. (This is why I love crossbody bags…) With an extra 30% off and free shipping, this bag is ALSO under $100, so another bargain Christmas buy!

6. Any Fossil Women’s Rose Gold Watch…: As you know, I like rose gold. But what you may not know is that I am desperately in need of a new watch as my Rotary is banged up beyond belief. Fossil offers the best selection of fashion-forward, mid-range watches in rose gold plate—and I particularly love the chronograph, chunky ‘boyfriend’ styles (it’s all about juxtaposition)…

7. Tamarac’s Molly Slipper: Who doesn’t love/need a warm cozy slipper? With this suede, fur-lined cutie, your toesies will stay warm all through the winter. And with sizes up to 13 M, these babies are great for those of us outsized by typical ‘S-L’ slipper sizing.

Merry wishlisting to all you t(all) lovelies! Leave a comment and let me know what you’re coveting this holiday season!


The Height of Style by Decade: 1900-1910

26 Oct

As part of my newest conception for a blog series, I decided to cover the 20th century in fashion. While I love the diversity of today’s fashion landscape and its nod to globalism, fashion in the past decades truly represented the alignment of societal movements with standards of dress. In this series, I’ll cover a bit of history, a bit of  fashion trivia, and a lot of tips and links for dressing for now with a real sense of then.

So without further ado, let’s kick things off with the dawn of the 20th century—1900-1910. Commonly referred to as “La Belle Epoque” (or Beautiful Age), this was an era full of idealism and luxury—for those who could afford it. With Paris the epicenter of culture, and the invention of flight and motorcars sweeping this side of the Atlantic, wealthy Americans were on the go, and borrowing their style cues from decadent, ostentatious European times past—corsets, bustles, dramatic sleeves, pompadours and elaborate sweeping hems were de rigeur, despite their anachronism and foreign vocabulary! Practically speaking, this era saw the birth of the long, skirted traveling suit (for avoiding dust when traveling via auto); the shirtwaist blouse; a nice variation in necklines (from high and lacy to low and sweetheart); and Charles Dana Gibson’s “Gibson Girl”—the epitomization of  the new, emancipated (and beautiful) woman of the early 20th century.

Gibson Girls

Although many of the styles of this decade would look costumey if replicated accurately, the longer, sweeping hems, narrow shoes and booties, fitted blazers and ladylike blouses could be worked in—piece by piece—to the modern wardrobe as they are STILL fabulously fashionable. And if anyone is to pull off a voluminous pompadour or bun and make it look unquestionably ‘of the moment’, it’s a statuesque lass! When going for a 1900-1910-inspired look, think voluminous, think luxurious, think ladylike, and think no-holds-barred!

For item links, please see below

1) Barefoot Tess Bradford Bootie, $99

2) Jeffrey Campbell Ingles Bootie, $179

3) Banana Republic Tall Silk Swiss Dot Blouse, $69.50

4) Long Tall Sally Full Check Skirt, $95

5) J. Crew Tall Velvet Schoolboy Blazer, $168

6) Long Tall Sally Suedette Skirt, $69

7) New Look Tall Embellished Sheer Blouse













Tall Style Essential: The Leather Jacket

9 Jun

Over the years, I’ve owned three leather jackets—one a roomy black car coat; another a beyond-tight red blazer; the third a black motorcycle jacket I bought from a church rummage sale. These jackets remarkably tracked not only some of my fashion phases, but more tellingly, my internal states—the car coat coincided with my freshman and sophomore years of college as I attempted to channel an urban sophistication counter to my country upbringing; the blazer was a senior year of college impulse purchase after I dyed my hair a fiery red and nervously contemplated the great unknown beyond dorm walls; and the motorcycle jacket followed a rough-break up, and a phase of wearing scuffed Converse sneakers, black eyeliner, and punk-rock-blasting headphones. Leather, after all, is tough—literally a second skin—and a thicker one at that.

All these coats have since moved on to other owners—as none of them fit my elongated body or tastes particularly well—and all three only fit my meager budget (all being under $75). This year, with some of my birthday spoils—I invested in a new leather jacket—one that fits me now—and should age with me gracefully. By one of my favorite “this-surprisingly-fits-off-the-rack” designers Elie Tahari, my new leather jacket is buttery-soft and cashew-colored with minimal detailing save for a flattering peplum ruffle. And better yet, the sleeves are long enough at 27”! Since I’ve always recommended a leather jacket as a versatile, year-round staple to my clients, I’ve compiled some of my favorite styles and styling recommendations for talls below—complete with a vegetarian, ethical faux-leather option.

L to R: LTS Leather Biker Jacket; Elie Tahari Ruffle Leather Jacket; Tall Girl Faux-Leather Jacket

Long Tall Sally Zip Leather Biker Jacket, $239.00: This taupe leather jacket is edgy without being trendy, and would unquestionably offer long-enough sleeves and torso fit. Since biker/motorcycle jackets are on the more ‘utilitarian’- side, try pairing one with a feminine floral dress; ruffled top and close-fitting jeans; or sequins. That’s right, sequins—leather provides a surprising-yet-spot-on juxtaposition for a dose of glitz.

Elie Tahari ‘Ingrid’ Ruffle Jacket, $298.00: Though Tahari doesn’t deal specifically in tall clothing, his cuts frequently boast longer sleeves and torsos—and he’s an expert in achieving streamlined femininity in his separates. This jacket is one part angular silhouette; one part girly charm—and it would go splendidly with a jewel-toned bandage dress or a black dress pant, fitted oxford, and strappy heels.

Tall Girl Faux-Leather Jacket, $79.95: As a vegetarian option, try this re-imagined cargo jacket in a remarkably leather-like faux leather. In universally-flattering black, this jacket is quintessentially boheme-cool, and would be stunning with a tucked-in slouchy tee, denim pencil skirt, and ankle boots OR worn nonchalantly over a simple cotton tank and silky, printed shorts with flat sandals.

Happy shopping tall lovelies, and email me with any questions as to how to style a leather jacket or blazer!

Tall Swimwear for Summer 2011

19 May

Per the request of  Height of Style reader Lacey (she also has a great blog here!), this post focuses on one of the most dreaded areas of apparel for t(all) women (other than pants)—swimwear! I’ll stay optimistic, tall ladies—there is a diverse array of options out there on the market that offer style, comfort and fit for tall women and equally diverse price points (from low to quite high).

I’m focusing today on my top picks for more modest one-pieces and tankinis, as any tall woman will tell you that finding a bikini is easy—finding a tank/tankini is not so easy. Also, at the end of this post, I’ll include links to various sites that offer tall and extended torso swimwear, sorted by price points. So, without further ado…

Long Torso Ruched Bandeau: At $38.50 for this cheery nylon-spandex blend tank, the price is right. Delia’s is a brand typically catering to teens, but the sizing is consistent with small-ish misses’ sizing—all their suits run from XS-XL. This particular model has a full back; detachable strap, and moderate coverage—would be best on angular figures with smaller busts. Delia’s also offers tanks in long torso sizing that have wider straps for more busty tall women.

Long Torso Ruched Femme Tank: At a moderate price point, J. Crew’s long-torso swimsuits are well worth the money. In elegant summer colors, fade-resistant Lycra/spandex blends, and flattering shapes to suit a variety of body types, these suits are a tall woman’s best friend. Snap up the retro-inspired shapes this summer—they will be flattering and look fresh for years to come. Particularly good suits for curvy shapes.

Salt Creek Siren Tall Bra Cup Tankini: Athleta’s suits are made to go the distance—literally. This retailer designs swimwear with female athletes in mind, and each suit has great features like SPF/UPF protection, breathable fabric blends, stabilizing bust bands, and fuller straps to support serious swimmers and waterside sport enthusiasts alike. All of their tall tanks and tankinis are stylish updates to traditional performance swimwear…leave that stretched-out Speedo behind!

Here is a list of online retailers that offer extended/long torso and/or tall sizing for swimwear. If you know of any others, shoot me an email and I’ll happily update this list. Price points included, low to high ($=low; $$=moderate; $$$=high).



Victoria’s Secret-$


Eddie Bauer-$$

J. Crew-$$

Land’s End-$$

Long Tall Sally-$$

Neiman Marcus-$$$

Happy Summer Swimsuit Shopping!

The Seaside, City-fied

7 Feb

In the dark, grey, slogging days of winter on my cold trudges into work, my thoughts always turn to glittering sunshine, lapping waves, salty-clean, hair-ruffling breezes, and fresh starts on life…so what better way to welcome spring than with a nautically-inspired, classics-re-imagined ensemble from Long Tall Sally?! LTS is carrying the very outfit that makes this tall girl’s heart sing (right down to the high-rise skinnies, which I have been salivating over for days now!) I can only hope that I win the competition for an update to my spring wardrobe for my own fresh (and perfectly-tailored) start to 2011! My recipe for wardrobe success is as follows:

  1. Piped Trench Coat: This navy and grey-piped number would keep me dry during showers and could be thrown over jeans and a vest for a stroll on the pier OR cinched atop a perfect polka dot dress for a seaside dinner.
  2. Crew Neck Basic Cardigan: It’s not in warning-red, but instead the classic blue-red that almost becomes a neutral in its versatility…but still is as eye-catching as a Sunfish’s sail!
  3. Portobello Skinny Jeans: These clean, high-waisted skinnies bring flattery to the beach with a curve-slimming cut. This girl’s antidote to a teeny bikini!
  4. Embellished Stripe Jersey Cowl Neck Vest: This vest is visually arresting with just the right amount of sparkly embellishments to infuse a feminine sensibility into a sailor’s mainstay.
  5. Quilted Leather Mid-Heel Shoes: A buttery-soft navy quilted flat with patent accents and a bit o’ lift is the perfect alternative to a trainer for any holiday with lots of walking!
  6. Chain Link Necklace: Prettier than twisted kelp or a savoy knot, this gold chain necklace is bold and lovely without unnecessary frill!

These pieces will take me from weekends on the cape and islands just outside Boston spent window-shopping, sun-basking, and seashell-gathering back to work-day commutes on my bicycle when the snow and ice melt away. Truly, I think this outfit could take any seafaring, sun-loving or holiday-bound lass to Brighton or Camber Sands or even on a Clipper down the Thames and back to the office come Monday morning in IMPECCABLE style and high spirits! I <3 you, Long Tall Sally!

Epiphany (Or why I started this blog)

30 Nov

You know those lightbulb “Aha! Eureka!” moments? Those moments have undoubtedly accounted for the invention of various cool gadgets like grippy soles for walking on ice or sponges with a scrubby side. In my case, my lightbulb moment gave way to starting The Height of Style—the blog I should have been writing all along.

I had started style blogging a few months ago with limited (okay, VERY limited) success. I was having trouble figuring out where my voice fit in with all the cute style bloggers photojournaling with their minidresses; 70s-style long, straight locks with bangs; and shiny, masculine-meets-feminine oxford booties. Something just didn’t fit with my outfit photos, and I figured out what it was when I attended the Swapaholics’ Sip and Swap a few weeks back. What should have been the first clue: my coworker was hauling armfuls of cute clothing to try on, and I tried on two articles of clothing. TWO tops. The selection was vast and cute, and I only found two tops. That was clue #1.

Clue #2  registered when I walked over to introduce myself to two of my favorite style bloggers (who both happen to be local!)— Julie of Orchid Grey and Jen of Jen Loves Kev. I had done it up for the occasion, donning my favorite Reality Bites-inspired ensemble at right.

BDG jersey cardigan; Lucca Couture floral dress; thrifted bullet necklace; Deena & Ozzy belt; Vera Wang tights; BC Footwear clog ankle boots

When I started to say ‘hello’ to both, I noticed that—hey—they both seemed a lot smaller in real life—and whoaI was definitely towering over them (more like teetering over them, in those platform boots). To the point that I started to feel a bit woozy and embarrassed. I left and got the train home, feeling particularly down. I just felt awkward—playing a role that I had no business playing. It seemed wisest to leave the realm of style blogging to the cute girls who fit in the minidresses—the same girls who wear youthful insouciance with the bows in their hair.

The same thing that was getting me down is the very thing that distinguishes me, and always has distinguished me. This was my lightbulb moment, although it took my sweet 6’8″ boyfriend (and outfit photographer) to make me realize that all 6’4″ of my height is an even more interesting canvas on which to paint with fashion (to extend the bad metaphor). Instead of giving up, I’m starting this blog. I hope that women of all shapes, sizes, heights, and wallet widths will feel as though they can present their unique selves sartorially…and that style is NOT restricted to sample sizes or society’s idea of “average”.

Please follow me, keep reading, and email me with any questions! XOXO,


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