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Love That (Tall) Body You’re In!

20 Feb

*This blog will be appearing exclusively in Statuesque Magazine. Though it was intended to run on Valentine’s Day, it is just as true a week later…

“To  love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”-Oscar Wilde

Whether you adore or despise Valentine’s Day (I fall somewhere in the middle), February 14th is a great occasion to think about loving…yourself.  Tall women are revered worldwide as being some of the world’s most stunning specimens…and yet, I meet far too many gorgeous vertically-inclined ladies who are unrelentingly harsh with themselves and prone to critique the undeniable physical qualities that make them so unique. At the risk of sounding hypocritical—I am guilty of the same type of body criticism. I not-infrequently misconstrue my height as being a detriment to my femininity instead an asset, and thus wage a war on my self-esteem that can never be won…

So this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to focus on what you love about your stunning physical presence. Whether it’s your mile-long legs, your elegant arms, or your athletic shoulders (or all of the above), try to focus on at least one aspect that makes you feel positive about your height; makes you feel beautiful; makes you love yourself.  And if you still are having trouble recognizing your own beauty—it doesn’t hurt to consider that men and women alike already perceive you as being more intelligent, capable, and successful just because of your physical gift!

A sweet boy-meets-girl tall ensemble for a night out!

A sweet boy-meets-girl tall ensemble for a night out!

And as a little gift to you, I’ve put together two stunning ensembles practically guaranteed to make you love that tall body you’ve got—especially as all the contained separates are available in tall sizes and extra long lengths. Much love to all you lovely, inspiring tall ladies, and be sure to check The HEIGHT of Style at www.heightofstyleblog.com for more tips, style advice, and product reviews for vertically-inclined fashionistas.

An edgy-chic tall outfit for drinks, bites, and beyond!

An edgy-chic tall outfit for drinks, bites, and beyond!


The Height of Style In…Height Goddess Jeans

6 Jul

Here at The Height of Style and in my own styling work, I gravitate toward wardrobe staples—whether they come in the form of tailored blazers, leather jackets, perfectly-fitted LBDs, or great jeans. The last category is a particular sore spot for many tall women—mainstream department stores rarely offer any cut with an inseam longer than 32″ , and designer denim only occasionally works (it’s not so much an inseam issue here as it is a rise issue), with dedicated hunting and shelling out of $150+.

And I’m very particular about my denim. I prefer a straight leg or skinny/peg leg with a mid or high-rise. A tall order (pun intended) indeed, considering that a 36″-38″ skinny or straight leg has to accommodate both my cyclist’s thighs (big) and my dancer’s ankles (small)—and a “mid”-rise is, on me, about 10″—a “high rise” by any other standards. Enter Height Goddess’ straight legged Taylor (on sale now!) in a 37″ inseam, and my tall order is fulfilled.

Top: Vintage silk camisole; Jeans: Height Goddess 'Taylor' Straight Leg; Shoes: Sam Edelman Wedges

Height Goddess denim is designed with tall women in mind—and the shapes of their premium denim styles are flattering to a variety of body types (my curvy frame included). I love the Height Goddess washes, thick, quality weave, and subtlety of the cuts—these jeans won’t ever become “dated”—and the fact that the HG rises all fall above my hips, below my bellybutton (truly mid-rises for talls!) and are flattering without being constricting. Add to this fabulous mix that HG pants and denim come in long (34″-35″), longer (36″-37″), and longest (38″-39″) inseams, and you’ve got yourself a panacea for all your denim woes.  I styled the Taylor straight leg simply with a silk camisole I picked up at a vintage shop and some Sam Edelman wedges, but these lovely jeans have taken me to work with a tweed blazer and out on the town with a romantic, ruffled top.

Check out Height Goddess’ fabulous selection, read HG Designer Lameka Weeks’ Q&A and feel free to email me with any questions about the fit of Height Goddess styles or recommendations for your tall, beautiful frame!

Sarah Vain and Tall’s Long LBDs

11 May

With the multitude of little black dresses (LBDs) out there, it must be easy enough to find one to fit a body 5’10″ and taller, right?

I can tell you from vast experience—both personal and with tall clients—that finding a perfect-fitting tall black dress off the rack is a stroke of brilliant—if not divine—luck. It certainly would be enough to keep me sated and flying high on happiness for the entire year.

I’ve tried Tahari, I’ve tried Theory, I’ve tried Donna Morgan and Donna Karan and Kenneth Cole. The closest I’ve personally come to a well-fitting dress is a black Tahari sheath I picked up from Bluefly, and the fit on that thing is wonky—the waist is too short, the hip room too wide, and the hem which is supposed to hit at my knee hits 3 inches northward. What are we tall ladies to do?

Amazing LBDs from Sarah Vain and Tall! (www.sarahvainandtall.com)

Sarah Vain and Tall. A play off of Patricia McLaughlin’s title “Sarah, Plain and Tall” as well as various competing stereotypes about tall women, Anne Shea, the stunning one woman wonder behind Sarah Vain and Tall, designs high-quality tall clothing that will make any vertically-blessed lass look like a million bucks. Her line currently consists of four gorgeous, classic dress shapes in figure-friendly stretch knits and cotton sateens—including a LLBD (long little black dress) and a black and white polka dot number that will satisfy even the most whimsical of tall ladies.

Consider Anne Shea’s dresses investment pieces. We all need that perfect LLBD for dressing up and dressing down and taking to work, and once you consider cost per wear and the perfectly-tailored fit of these dresses—their relative cost is downright reasonable.

Though Sarah Vain and Tall is based in Melbourne, Australia, Shea offers international shipping PLUS hassle free returns—wonderful for tall ladies worldwide!


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