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Long Tall Sally Holiday Collection 2013: Hurry Christmas, Hurry Fast…

5 Nov

(You may want a train that loops the loop—but I just want some LTS loot! )

Though I can hardly stand the wait (and certainly can’t stand not quoting Alvin and The Chipmunks holiday tunes come November)—I think Santa  is probably well aware  (by now) of my desired sartorial pal-late. Oops, and I think I may have surpassed my rhyming quota for the year…

When November rushes in on the heels of October, to the sound of crunching leaves and the smell of woodsmoke—the magic of the season to come seems to suddenly waft in on the icy breeze, as though to enliven the stark gray skies and  infuse a sense of anticipation into the premature dusks. Our first cold snap in Boston came this morning, as the thermometer hovered…and stuck…right around freezing all day. Though I could barely feel my nose and fingertips on my stroll into work today, my mind wandered…to imagine invitations to the most elegant holiday parties arriving by the dozens in my shabby mailbox,  sealed with monogrammed foil stickers and addressed to me in incomparably beautiful scripts. I imagined being invited to exclusive fetes in vast ballrooms bedecked in boxwood garlands and mercury glass orbs—to intimate gatherings in smoky lounges to the tunes of Bing Crosby, Perry Como, and clinking champagne glasses—and luxe weekend minibreaks  at cozy chalets with massive roaring fireplaces, and  very handsome waiters serving buttered rum in generous, cinnamon sugar-rimmed double old-fashioneds. But even the best fantasies stale like the extended honk of a Boston taxi driver when you have nothing to wear…

The perfect sequined tunic dress ($249)...

The perfect sequined tunic dress ($249)…

The lace and sequin wrap dress ($225) and cut faux-fur coat ($299)...

The lace and sequin wrap dress ($225) and cut faux-fur coat ($299)…

The embellished woven jacket ($125)...

The embellished woven jacket ($125)…

Fortunately, this season, leggy lovelies, you and I have so many things to wear to every party we could possibly attend—real or imagined. The designers at Long Tall Sally have dreamed up a holiday collection so luxurious and sumptuous, I could have been convinced that it was Vera Wang’s RTW collection for winter. Replete with an ornately-beaded fit and flare dress in black; a buffered bronze lace-and-sequin wrap dress; a sleek faux fur coat with generous sleeves and a slim silhouette;  a perfectly-embellished woven jacket, and even a lace panel black jumpsuit (!!!), these pieces are the stuff holiday parties are made by. Though I have a very modest holiday calendar, I can imagine donning the faux fur coat atop LTS’ leopard flocked skinny jean ($99) and colorblocked sequined sweater ($99), with Sam Edelman’s black suede Morillo ankle bootie ($145) on my feet for a cozy Christmastime outing  with friends—or perhaps that lovely bronze lace and sequin wrap dress with the premium animal ponyhair pump ($145),  topped by the stab stitch crepe jacket ($159) for a look that goes from work party to festive drinks, dinner, and dancing with that special fellow (or best ladies) in your life. But who could forget that stunningly singular, 20s-inspired sequined tunic dress ($249)—for the get-together in a smoky lounge with clinking champagne glasses; the elegant eve in a ballroom strung with twinkling  glass orbs and greenery; or that surprise holiday date out on the town to see the biggest Christmas tree for miles  being lit with thousands of tiny twinkle lights?! I couldn’t, and you shouldn’t, dear readers—it would be nothing short of magical on an elongated frame…

So be sure to get all your gorgeous party pieces from Long Tall Sally, and  check back in soon for my favorite pants, knits, coats, and boots of the season, all available from LTS for your Christmas lists. Plus—a little elf told me that Santa may be stopping by The HEIGHT of Style soon with a holiday shoe giveaway for two lucky tall ladies, so make your list, and check here twice!


The Poshest Pumps from Across the Pond: c/o Upper Street x Nicole Smallwood

10 Oct

Too often, runway-ready footwear styles in larger sizes are an afterthought for designers, leaving larger-footed, well heeled wannabes just…wannabes. The frustration of being relegated to searching for those particularly generous, perpetually rare size 11s is all too familiar for ladies with uniquely-sized peds—and certainly doesn’t leave much room for choice or imagination. But thankfully, the UK-born Upper Street shoes is making fanciful, high street style accessible for all with a bespoke ‘design your own shoe’ model using the finest materials and custom fabrication processes—AND a customer-centered designer diffusion line with large-footed ladies in mind.

The impeccably on-trend RTW collection from stylist-to-the-stars Nicole Smallwood launched last week, to much excitement and industry acclaim (Harper’s Bazaar, The Daily Mail, The Times, and Cosmopolitan). Nicole, at 5’10 and a size 11, had long felt the pinch of being sized out of her most coveted styles. After her successful partnership with Upper Street’s co-founders Katy Chandler and Julia Grinham through the ‘9-10 Club’, Nicole was pulled in to design a namesake line in sizes 40-44 (US 9-12.5). Featuring an exclusive array of perfectly strappy sandals, jewel tone metallic suede heels, plush d’Orsay pumps, and velvet and glitter-heel ankle booties —those of us typically sized out can’t help but feel that we’re finally getting a chance with all the shoe ones that had—previously—always gotten away.


The stunning Cairns by Upper Street x Nicole Smallwood, in a lovely mid-heel…

In particular, the one that had always gotten away from me was that stylish, versatile, luxe, modestly-heeled sandal that would take me from work to the most elevated evening occasions I’d find myself attending. In my case, the Cairns low heel in plush black velvet and reflective mirror leather ($300)  is that one—that shoe. It felt like the holidays when these lovelies arrived c/o of Katy and Julia in a fuschia bow-bedecked black box packed with extra inserts (didn’t need them, as the heels were so cushy) and a velvet dustbag. Suitably, once donned, the Cairns imparted that sparkly bit of festivity in my step, and made me truly feel as though I was missing…absolutely nothing! I’ll be gingerly wearing these heels tonight for an industry event (and many more to come), paired with my plummy velvet and black woolen dress—but I am looking forward to pairing them with tapestry peg pants and an insouciant, boxy tee for an enlivened version of my everyday uniform. Even better—they come in a sleek mid-heel as well!

Donning my stunning new Upper Street Cairns low heel sandal for evening...

Trying my stunning new Upper Street Cairns low heel sandal in an evening ensemble…

Lest my pixieish readers feel neglected, Upper Street offers sizes as small as a UK size 1.5 (US size 3) in four width fittings, as well as a gorge bridal line, on top of their custom design service.  Much love to Katy and Julia—the thoroughly charming, sweet, and perfectly turned-out co-founders of Upper Street who believe that every woman should have the highest quality, perfectly-fitted shoes of her dreams—right down to the most breathtaking details (assuredly, such shoes are worth every single penny).

My perfect shoe, c/o Upper Street!

My perfect shoe, c/o Upper Street!

Stay tuned for more news and collection launches around my favorite bespoke shoe brand to date, Upper Street!


You Can Never Have TOO Many Sandals…

22 Jun

…especially when they are are fabulously on sale! Today only, get your Dolce Vita, Corso Como and BFT sandals for 25% off! But  see another brand you like? Great, because Barefoot Tess’ summer sale allows you to take 25% off all sandals with no exclusions.  Use code:  SAND25.


And if you’re as big a Barefoot Tess fan as I am, be sure to cast your vote for them in a Baltimore-area #SocialMadness competition.  Vote now to get them through to the next round (they’re in the ‘Large’ business category), and then be sure to come back on the 25th and keep giving them your kudos. Vote here:  http://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/socialmadness.

Have a lovely start to summer, my vertically-inclined dears, and happy sandal shopping!


Love That (Tall) Body You’re In!

20 Feb

*This blog will be appearing exclusively in Statuesque Magazine. Though it was intended to run on Valentine’s Day, it is just as true a week later…

“To  love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”-Oscar Wilde

Whether you adore or despise Valentine’s Day (I fall somewhere in the middle), February 14th is a great occasion to think about loving…yourself.  Tall women are revered worldwide as being some of the world’s most stunning specimens…and yet, I meet far too many gorgeous vertically-inclined ladies who are unrelentingly harsh with themselves and prone to critique the undeniable physical qualities that make them so unique. At the risk of sounding hypocritical—I am guilty of the same type of body criticism. I not-infrequently misconstrue my height as being a detriment to my femininity instead an asset, and thus wage a war on my self-esteem that can never be won…

So this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to focus on what you love about your stunning physical presence. Whether it’s your mile-long legs, your elegant arms, or your athletic shoulders (or all of the above), try to focus on at least one aspect that makes you feel positive about your height; makes you feel beautiful; makes you love yourself.  And if you still are having trouble recognizing your own beauty—it doesn’t hurt to consider that men and women alike already perceive you as being more intelligent, capable, and successful just because of your physical gift!

A sweet boy-meets-girl tall ensemble for a night out!

A sweet boy-meets-girl tall ensemble for a night out!

And as a little gift to you, I’ve put together two stunning ensembles practically guaranteed to make you love that tall body you’ve got—especially as all the contained separates are available in tall sizes and extra long lengths. Much love to all you lovely, inspiring tall ladies, and be sure to check The HEIGHT of Style at www.heightofstyleblog.com for more tips, style advice, and product reviews for vertically-inclined fashionistas.

An edgy-chic tall outfit for drinks, bites, and beyond!

An edgy-chic tall outfit for drinks, bites, and beyond!


Hunting Down the Perfect Shoe…with Shoes of Prey

20 Dec

“There’s a little hunter in all women, right? Think about it: every woman is constantly stalking the perfect pair of shoes…”-Shoes of Prey

I know ladies everywhere will agree with me when I say this: there is nothing so evocative as a fiercely fabulous shoe. Whether your idea of  ‘fabulous’ is a prim ballet flat or an aggressively ostentatious stiletto, a fabulous shoe speaks—and more than that, imbues its wearer with the near-magical power of transformation. Any woman who has slipped a foot into her dream sky-high, peep-toe, red  leather platform after tossing on a years-old, staid sheath dress feels that power. A shoe can really be a game-changer; a transporter; and a confidence rocket.

But for many of us sized out of conventional women’s footwear—we forgo “fabulous” for “sufficient”; “jaw-dropping” for “tolerable”; and hope that we can find shoes that are marginally stylish but mostly offer us room and the right fit. While I personally hadn’t entirely hung up the towel on fierce, wonderful, and COMFORTABLE size 12.5s when Shoes of Prey first contacted me to write a review of their product, I was admittedly skeptical. I couldn’t imagine that designing the transformative “shoe of my dreams” and getting a model that was high-quality, comfortable, and at all affordable was even in the realm of possibility. I couldn’t fathom that “bespoke” shoes sized specifically to my feet would be any better than a standard size 12.5 picked up at Nordstrom Rack. And yet, Shoes of Prey—true to their word—offered me a shoe that was worth hunting to the ends of the earth (and back) for.

My Shoes of Prey-centric outfit: ASOS blouse; J. Crew skinny belt; Rock & Republic miniskirt; Simply Vera Vera Wang tights; Shoes of Prey custom heels

My Shoes of Prey-centric outfit: ASOS blouse; J. Crew skinny belt; Rock & Republic miniskirt; Simply Vera Vera Wang tights; Shoes of Prey custom heels

 I was nervous with anticipation opening the well-appointed black box that arrived speedily from Australia—impeccably packed with a suede dustbag, complimentary gel inserts, and a charming handwritten note from Lucy, the “Customer Happiness Wonderperson” (indeed!) When I pulled the kitten-heeled, ankle-strapped, black suede-and cream-Italian-silk-peeptoes from their smooth tissue wrappers, I must have audibly gasped, as—in that moment—I imagined myself slipping them on for New Year’s Eve with a coquettish frock. They were girly and gorgeous and as I buckled them on, sans inserts—I realized that the 43.5s were a customized fit unlike any other shoe I had tried before. As you might imagine, I have tried on, lusted after, squeezed into, and suffered my way through numerous shoes in my lifetime. But with this singular pair, I got it and felt what—for me—was one shoe of a game changer; transporter; and confidence rocket.

Me in my gorgeous new Shoes of Prey bespoke heels!

Me in my gorgeous new Shoes of Prey bespoke heels!

Each shoe produced by Shoes of Prey is handmade in Australia, down to your specifications as to heel height, toe style, fabrication (in leathers, suedes, textiles, sequins and more), and embellishments (stitching, bows, straps, et cetera). Offered in European sizes 35-49 and ranging from $219-$379 based on chosen design components, each bespoke pair of shoe can be sized to wide feet, narrow feet, excessively large feet, quite small feet, or even feet of two different sizes—and the Shoes of Prey artisans will work with you to get the exactly right fit for your unique footsies with a liberal return policy (and free shipping worldwide!). Better yet, each design is thoroughly unique—meaning you will never see the exact same pair anywhere, and will have a customized collectible to wear and enjoy for years to come. Founded in 2009, Shoes of Prey is now a global force of a brand and favorite of numerous celebrities and editors including those of Vogue, Grazia, Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, and The Wall Street Journal. So what are you waiting for? Visit the site, chat with the indeed-wonderful Customer Happiness team, learn about the cat behind it all,  and hunt down your own fiercely fabulous shoe (or choose from the equally-awesome online gallery of favorites)…I guarantee that your life will never be the same, my tall lovelies!

I heart you, Miz Mooz shoes!

20 Apr

All spring, I had been searching high and low (mostly low, because I like an under 3″ heel) for the perfect clog sandal to pair with my  sundresses, shorts, and skinny jeans. But alas, finding the perfect low-heel clog sandal in a size 12 is so much harder than it seems…the options either seem geriatric or too Herman Munster. My desperation hit an echoing low when I heard that Swedish Hasbeens was releasing a diffusion line for H&M…and only going up to a size 10. So are all those tall Europeans teetering around on size 10 peds? It can’t be!

When I just about gave up, I got my daily email candy from Barefoot Tess. Oh, BFT. You must have heard me cursing the shoe gods all the way up in Boston. The email featured the gorgeous, brand-new-and-up-to-size-14 ‘Renee’ clog by the inimitable Miz Mooz (one of the mid-range brands I frequently salivate over, in addition to Farylrobin and Delman). Until BFT got them in stock, the whimsical, colorful, vintage-inspired Miz Mooz designs were inaccessible, only running up to a (small) 11, thwarting me (and other stylish, tall, large-footed lasses) every time. But all that changed with Renee.

Glorious, aren't they? Available in black, red, tan, and sand

My sweet boyfriend knew how much I wanted—needed—these sandals, so was sweet enough to snap me up a pair in red—the quality of the leather and wood bottom is impeccable, and they even have a bit of cushioning to make them even easier to walk in. At $120, they’re a bit over what I’d usually spend on a pair of shoes, but they are too too cute, and will be well worth it! Be forewarned, though—they run (like most Miz Mooz shoes) about 1/2-1 size small. Another win for BFT!

My favorite outfit

2 Dec

Vintage fascinator headband; Traffic People necklace; Vintage ruffled blouse; Simply Vera Vera Wang skirt; DKNY black tights; Steve Madden boots

I thought I’d start with a slightly older (ca. October) outfit photo to kick things off. It was a beautiful autumn Saturday, and I was kicking around in the dog park across from my apartment. Sadly, I have no dog (two cats, one of whom acts like a dog), but posing in the grass certainly got me a bunch of canine attention! Right before Mike took this picture, a dog came up and licked my face (I was sitting in the grass).

One of the challenges I most frequently face in regard to clothing is skirt length. Much like pant length, too short is an all-too-common phenomenon. Enter one of my favorite style collaborations: Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl’s. I have had remarkable luck finding elegant, current tops and skirts by the inestimable Ms. Wang that have darts in the right places and are plenty long…tall ladies, run—don’t walk—to Kohl’s and check out their selection!

Epiphany (Or why I started this blog)

30 Nov

You know those lightbulb “Aha! Eureka!” moments? Those moments have undoubtedly accounted for the invention of various cool gadgets like grippy soles for walking on ice or sponges with a scrubby side. In my case, my lightbulb moment gave way to starting The Height of Style—the blog I should have been writing all along.

I had started style blogging a few months ago with limited (okay, VERY limited) success. I was having trouble figuring out where my voice fit in with all the cute style bloggers photojournaling with their minidresses; 70s-style long, straight locks with bangs; and shiny, masculine-meets-feminine oxford booties. Something just didn’t fit with my outfit photos, and I figured out what it was when I attended the Swapaholics’ Sip and Swap a few weeks back. What should have been the first clue: my coworker was hauling armfuls of cute clothing to try on, and I tried on two articles of clothing. TWO tops. The selection was vast and cute, and I only found two tops. That was clue #1.

Clue #2  registered when I walked over to introduce myself to two of my favorite style bloggers (who both happen to be local!)— Julie of Orchid Grey and Jen of Jen Loves Kev. I had done it up for the occasion, donning my favorite Reality Bites-inspired ensemble at right.

BDG jersey cardigan; Lucca Couture floral dress; thrifted bullet necklace; Deena & Ozzy belt; Vera Wang tights; BC Footwear clog ankle boots

When I started to say ‘hello’ to both, I noticed that—hey—they both seemed a lot smaller in real life—and whoaI was definitely towering over them (more like teetering over them, in those platform boots). To the point that I started to feel a bit woozy and embarrassed. I left and got the train home, feeling particularly down. I just felt awkward—playing a role that I had no business playing. It seemed wisest to leave the realm of style blogging to the cute girls who fit in the minidresses—the same girls who wear youthful insouciance with the bows in their hair.

The same thing that was getting me down is the very thing that distinguishes me, and always has distinguished me. This was my lightbulb moment, although it took my sweet 6’8″ boyfriend (and outfit photographer) to make me realize that all 6’4″ of my height is an even more interesting canvas on which to paint with fashion (to extend the bad metaphor). Instead of giving up, I’m starting this blog. I hope that women of all shapes, sizes, heights, and wallet widths will feel as though they can present their unique selves sartorially…and that style is NOT restricted to sample sizes or society’s idea of “average”.

Please follow me, keep reading, and email me with any questions! XOXO,


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